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At our ebookshops, you'll find ebooks in the titles - and subjects you crave. From marketing ebooks and business ebooks to get you through your next big business move, to health ebooks to help you lose a few pounds (and yes, even those fluff fiction ebooks are know, the ones that you'll never admit to in public), we've got thousands of titles that are compatible with the most popular ebook reader software - and they're never out of stock. So check out our titles, download ebooks in your favorite titles and skip the traditional bookstore altogether.
Over 40,000 ebook titles including audiobooks and over 1,000 textbook titles from most higher education publishers. This site also offers access to general reading, many study aids including Cliff's Notes, Bar Charts and text specific study guides by chapter.
Here it's all about helping students save money and get better grades. The digital textbooks and free MyScribe reader take you where traditional printed media can't. Think of it as textbooks 2.0.

Our ebookshops feature everything you need from the reader software to a wide selection of ebooks that are sure to add some fun to your reading list. These titles can be read on either your personal computer or laptop.

eBooks: The Future is Now!

Please note: due to the downloadable nature of our ebooks, purchasing an ebook will be separate from anything currently in your shopping cart. If you have items in your cart, please complete your transaction to ensure that you don't lose your shopping data before proceeding to one of our ebookshops.

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